Personalized Service

The premier accountant company that for more than 20 years has been providing tax accounting and financial management services for individuals, partnerships, corporations and non-profit organizations. Our staff offers courteous, expedient service that satisfies the needs of each client. Our foremost goal is to provide personalized service of the highest quality.

Expatriate Taxes

We offer secure, confidential and reasonably-priced income tax services for American expatriates worldwide. Using the latest technology we strive to provide efficient, convenient online tax services so your tax obligations to the USA can be met. We will prepare your Federal, and if required, your state income tax returns then file them electronically. Through our secure ShareFile™ transfer system you have access to your tax records whenever you may need them.

European Operations Center

Since our global client base has expanded to 40 nations we now have an operations center located near Düsseldorf Germany. Our international staff coordinate and support global communications and maintain our technological resources.

Our Commitment to You

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the most current national and international tax codes is your assurance that we will handle your tax and accounting challenges in a proficient and personal manner. Our professional staff will serve each client individually relieving the anxiety that is inherent with tax obligations.
  • Individual Federal & State Tax Services

    Our personalized service coupled with our secure electronic transfer system allows you to upload, download and access your tax information at anytime from anywhere. All you need to do is contact our office and we will guide you through the filing process. We will assist you with specific needs for individual, joint or head-of-household returns. Our goal is to identify every credit and deduction for which you are eligible, thereby completing the most beneficial tax return possible. Your return will be securely filed electronically directly to the IRS or state tax board. .

  • Expatriate
    Tax Services

    Since Americans living abroad still have a tax obligation to the United States we offer our personalized income tax services at a reasonable price. Our staff will provide the knowledge and expertise necessary to accurately file income tax returns for expatriates no matter in which country they reside. Our secure online electronic transfer system allows you to submit all your personal tax documents online. Files can be uploaded, downloaded and accessed at anytime from anywhere. We will guide you through the simple online filing process.

  • Business Accounting and
    Tax Services

    Our tax accounting services for corporations, partnerships, sole-proprietor and non-profit organizations are available for small to medium sized businesses. We have the knowledge and expertise required to assure you that your tax obligations are determined in the most conservative manner to benefit your business. Our secure online electronic transfer system allows you to submit all your personal tax documents online. Files can be uploaded, downloaded and accessed easily from you computer. Your entire tax history and all of your tax documents will be available to you at anytime from anywhere.